Tempting my internet relationship fate

Today I decided to start to pursue different streams of money opportunities I am sick of just skimming the service of building an income online.

Admittedly my commitment has been poor and I have the desire but my fear of failing or screwing up has stopped me from progressing.

I was scared to be internet rejected just like a first date with someone you have liked for years and years and you go on that first date, second, third and then he stops returning your calls, texts or emails and you wonder if it was something you said or had done or didn’t do enough of… awkward!

I just need to stop thinking so much and keep chipping away. Respect the process and understand that something will happen soon just don’t give up.

So I am tempting my internet relationship fate and placing my bets on all areas to see how I can push my presence from none to any number larger then 0.

Today I signed up for a program to give it a crack I have tired this once before but I never committed and followed the process as instructed then just gave up.

If you are interested in what I am I am doing take a look at this:


I’m not going to talk you into anything I’m not going to be that desperate into convincing you to join me on this tempting internet fate that is up to you.

All I can say it is legit I have just started and watch this space 🙂

Thank you kind bloggers