Review of Eye Mask or under Eyelid Patches

ARRRRHH me heartie…. bad fathers joke! (Sorry I had the urge to start this post like that just due to the nature of this review related to eyelid patches – haha!)

I don’t know about you but I use to be a girl who loved her beauty sleep however ever since having my number one super star baby life has never been the same. The average night of sleep dropped from 8 hours to now about 5 hours per night. Now after almost 4 years past with a little girl turning 4 this year, it starts to become the norm and the constant dark circles have turned into more like black eyes as the standard look.

Damn Gurrlll  Got to love those black eyes and puffiness!

Damn Gurrlll
Got to love those black eyes and puffiness!

I’ve had enough, I am putting my foot down on these harsh circles and trying attempting to try something new to punch them away from my poor under eyelids!

Eye Masks/Eyelid patches is the answer, after doing a quick search on the good old eBay I came across thousands of brands for VERY reasonable prices and don’t forget the FREE shipping Guurrllll 🙂

One brand in particular I would like to review in this post is called “Deckout Woman.”  These are a sheet-form transparent mask created and soaked in natural extracts and collagen. This products states that it is 98% more effective then the average masks and absorbs 10 times more to assist with problems such as:

  • Reducing Dark Circles
  • Removes Puffiness
  • Prevents & Refines Aging
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Re-firming

Picture 002The patches I brought were 5 for $3.00

That has 1 patch per pack – inside the packet is the juices that include the natural extracts as stated in which the eye patch is soaking in.

The instructions are very clear and easy to follow including a small diagram. There are a few warnings that are common for these types of products such as sensitive skin, don’t apply to sun burn or scratches (open wounds)and if feel uncomfortable with product take off and wash area etc…

When reviewing this product I allowed a good 30mins with it on, after clensing I my face initially I applied the patches and could feel a slight cooling sensation which was the collagen at work. No discomfort what so ever… very gentle ease.

Attractive Mumma!

Attractive Mumma!

After the time was up I removed the eye patches and could see a noticeable difference, I was even amazed I asked my partner – “Hun, can you see anything different?”

To which he replied “is this a trick question?” HAHA!

Unfortunately he couldn’t however the fact remains that I felt there was a difference which had me sold!

Giving this a 5 out of 5 – on all fronts below:

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Accessible
  3. Easy to read and follow instructions
  4. Packaging appropriate and not messy!
  5. I could see a clear difference!

Need I say more – very happy – this is a HOT product, and before you ask am I sponsored  the answer is hella no!

Thanks for reading, enjoy!


My Summer Skin Routine

A different sort of post to my usual this is more for the person that takes care of there skin. My routine changes upon the seasons, currently its summer here so my skin has been sun kissed a number times.

This is the time I like to pay attention to moisturizing, nourishing and hydrating.

1. Usually in my shower I like to use a scrub the one I am using currently is by ‘St Ives – Apricot Scrub.’

IMAG1601 IMAG1602

Simply wet your face, using index finger place a small dab on the finger. Using thumb finger rub  together then spread over your face. Make sure you reach the problem areas like T zone, around chin and nose. Leave on for at least 5 mins then wash off. I use this every second or third day as I have found that works best for me.

Quick TipFor summer I exchange all my heavier products to allow my skin to breath like for example foundation for BB cream or mineral powder.

Purchase this here->St. Ives Fresh Skin Invigorating Apricot Scrub, 10 Ounce

2. Moisturising – Simple brand mosituriser, light and perfect for this season! Read review post on this now!

focus_camera_1358418016773I moisturise night and morning consistently on the odd occasion I give my face a rest for all products.

I have linked the product here if you are keen on giving it a try ->Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser 125 ml

3. Using a BB cream that contains SPF is key for me, I usually only use BB when I am going out. Recently I have just changed my BB cream from Maybelline (read review here) to Garnier.

I will do a review on Garnier soon to be honest I am finding it a little heavier then the Maybelline however it appears to be lasting longer for a BB cream so there is a plus!

Here is a link to the Garnier BB, give it a try with me ->Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream, Light and medium, 2.5 Fluid Ounce

4. Face Mask fortnightly at present I am using the following peel off mask.


If your keen to read up on this product please look at my review post now!

That’s basically it, any questions let me know in the comments. What’s your skin routine? I would love to know! Enjoy!

REVIEW TIME: Peel-off Mask cucumber

It’s that time again! Review time…. drum roll please 🙂

A few weeks ago I was strolling down the super market isle and decided it was high time to pamper me for once!  Have some ‘mummy time’ – so I purchased this peel off mask for around $10 – $12 Australian dollars.

  • Brand: Freeman
  • Type: Facial Peel-off Mask Cucumber
  • Size: 150ml
  • The mask has cucumber extracts that leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky.
  • Instructions – apply all over face and leave for at least 5-10 mins then wash off (that simple)


To be honest this is the first time I have really used this type of mask before, my first impressions is that it turns into a very sticky paste when applying. I read in a few blogs that this is a good sign and means it is working, I also felt slightly irritated but not burning more itchy again something to expect when using this type of mask.

Normally I do have pretty sensitive skin so I was concerned at first, after washing it off in the shower I did notice a baby bottom touch to my face. Soft and smooth… thank goodness, no break outs or redness 🙂

I rate this at least a 4 out of 5 due to the way my skin felt after washing it off.

I used enough product to cover my face as per instructions and I believe that for the price you are getting your money’s worth on this size bottle.

Here is a link of the exact brand I am reviewing ->Freeman Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask – 6 oz

I would like to try a more cream base mask next time, if you have any suggestions on good brands/types you have used let me know below! Perhaps I will try and DIY a face mask instead using natural products, please like this post if you are interested in seeing that type of do it yourself ….

Thanks for reading – Enjoy!

Review on Colour Stay By:Revlon

@ me, myself & I we love it when we find a new product, a while ago we wrote a post on a haul we did and promised to review the make up items… So here is another one the Colour Stay lip product:


Brand: Revlon
Shade: forever pink


This shade is a pinky shimmer glittery colour. Very light I actually expected it to be a little deeper as it looks in the container. I don’t mind this colour however I would be keen to try another shade.


If you read the back it quotes a16 hour colour stay however tested this and found a 5 hour period was more an honest estimate especially when eating or drinking rubs the product off… So I wasn’t overally impressed

Instructions are as follows:
1. First you apply the colour
2. Apply a clear top coat.

Overal the product is OK, this shade doesn’t suit me but may suit you. The 16 hour estimate is misleading in my opinion… So I will give this a 2.5 out of 5 for those reasons. I may try another shade to see if it suits better this may change my opinion on the overal product by a an additional 0.5…

Let me know your thoughts, have you tried this before? If so, what shade? Enjoy.

Review Sports Girl eye shadow palette

@ me myself & I would like to do another review on an eye shadow palette we picked up from Sports Girl a few months back…

We wanted to hold off on commenting on this item and give it a real chance in testing how good it is. Tbh with you sports girls make-up products are generally good, as far as my experience goes I really like their wide range of lip colours including range of different small eye palettes.

The palette I purchased is called ‘jungle fever’ sounds sexy right?!

The warm under tones of brown, bronze and cream. I thought would best suits my skin completion and dark hair.

It was approximately 20 (don’t hold me to that please, as I have forgotten)
You get six different colours from cream to a dark brown/black/green colour tone..
The texture is standard, power base so don’t expect cream or glitter type shadows…
I do notice in the bronze and darkest shadow it does have a glistening element but not a glitter type shadow…

I’m a sucker for sweet colourful/bright unique or sassy packaging Sports Girl hit the mark there. They provided an eye applicator standard and a mirror so handy for travel or purse palette…

It would say its currently been my go too palette, I think it will remain this way through the cold months to come here in Australia…
By the time summer hits ill be ready for a change…
I would give this palette a 4/5 and plan to check out maybe do a mini ‘haul’ on the other sports girl make-up products. More reviews to come!

Thanks for reading, let me know if you go and buy this and your thoughts 🙂

Review on Revlon photoready blush

@ Me, Myself & I wanted to say sorry for not blogging as frequently as we like. Things have been crazy busy from starting our own business (check out our store) to working a full time job. As well as birthdays Easter life isn’t as blog friendly as we would hope for…

So its that time again to do another review… A while ago I did a shopping haul blog and brought a number of make up products and as promised I wanted to review some of them.


Brand: Revlon
Type: Photoready blush
Colour: flushed rougissant 200


The product is very creamy almost a pounder texture. When you first place a small bit on the apple of your cheek bones the colour is a bit ‘lollipop’ bright. However after rubbing it in a round motion it turns into this cute healthy glow which I really like.

I also double this product up as a lip colour on its own with clear lip gloss or do some experimental testing with mixing it in with other colours of lipstick.


I found this product really good to use and it seems I’m drawn to using it on a regular basis.
For that reason I give this product a 4 out of 5. I wouldn’t mind testing more shades in there Photoready collection.

Take care, if you use this product or try it after you read this blog I would love to hear about it in the comments section below… 🙂

You can find this product on line here if your keen to try ->Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush, Flushed, 0.4 Ounce

Hairy Lemon product review

So its Monday morning at 3am and your baby can’t stop crying, your up down up down then need to get up do the morning routine and start work at 8 am.

The next night rolls around and another and another – your exhausted and pray that your week will not be as exhausting as the last. You have hit a wall, you live alone raising a young  toddler and you rant the health section of the supermarket looking for an answer to give you that “boost” you need to survive and have any chance of of coping the next week and week after that..

I have found a wonderful product called the ‘Hairy Lemon” its full of Vitamin C, B complex forte, Guarana, Ginseng and even enjoyable to drink.


It comes in tablet form which dissolves in water in seconds… One or two tablets per day while take an effect straightaway (that is what happened to me..) where I feel more energised and less prone to illness.


There is 40 tablets in total which means its last a while I find one tablet is suitable every day to second day with a nice glass of chilled water. If I had a list of favourite products for the month of Febuary this would be on that list, it has saved me from illness and manage to keep going on limited sleep… Rating 5/5….

I know it seems I am doing a lot of reviews lately but when I find something amazing or great I want to spread the word, I can’t stand false adverts or being unhappy with a product I had a high expectation for and wasted money on!!!


Review Time on Organic Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are like me – you have EXTREMELY LONG hair which is your pride and joy as it took YEARS to get to a place were you are happy.

You simply love when people mistake your hair for HAIR EXTENSIONS, and you laugh at the thought of putting them in every day because you SIMPLY do not have too… BUT the down side to these luscious locks is maintaining ‘the look’, washing, drying, strengthening TAKES HOURS, not to mention your 16 month old pulling at it, rubbing her sticky hands through it and it getting caught/knotted every 5 minutes hmmm yes I know what you think ATTRACTIVE….  I refused to get a “mum cut” so this BETTER be worth keeping!

I have been on the hunt to find a product that will not only suit my hairs needs, my lifestyle and keep that model look BUT be healthy and chemical free AND important to me -> animal free testing… BIG ASK you say… *DRUM ROLL PLEASE*

PicsArt_1361493041929BRAND: ORGANIC CARE

Get this… NO Sles, sls, als, ales, parabens or mineral oil…

The bottle itself is made from plants – really??

The product is sourced from plants free of petrochemical cleansers, sodium lauryl or laureth, sulfate, ammonium lauryl or laureht sulfate, mineral oil, parabens, propylene glycol or dye!!! ( A mouthful I know just ask the ‘G-man’ (Google) about what some of these nasty chemicals.)

Cruelty FREE of our beautiful creatures… and MADE & OWNED in AUSTRALIA – AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!

It comes in a range of types depending on your hairs needs… and can be purchased at any supermarket..

I rate this fantastic product a 5/5 – I use this every few days and find my hair is left smelling and feeling 100%


REVIEW TIME on BB cream by Maybelline

Its that time again @ Me, Myself & I to do another REVIEW – BB Cream is the next on the list, to be honest I have never really used BB cream until I was rushing around a store looking for a Foundation to wear for an out door summer wedding.

Usually would have gone for something long lasting but today I just felt like my face needed a break from layers of cream that I had on the during a busy working week. I heard a lot about BB creams and always wonder what they would be like on, how well it would cover, how light are they really???

A BB cream by Maybelline – new york is the pick –  the details are as follows:

8 in 1 benefits:

  1. Fresh lightweight feel (AGREED)
  2. Blurs imperfections (AGREED, however still recommend wearing a concealer)
  3. Enhances (I guess so but you still need bronzer and blush for those cheek bones.)
  4. Brightens (I would say so, more makes a smooth face, no marks brings a ‘doll like’ feature.)
  5. Hydrates (AGREED) – didn’t feel dry when wearing, may if worn all the time however can’t say as haven’t tested that yet!
  6. Visibly smoothes skin – (AGREED)
  7. Adjusts to skin tone – (AGREED)
  8. Oil Free (Appears so.)

This is a Gel-Based formula and I did notice that when applying. No sun screen is in this one which is ashame as I was generally pleased with the overall feel and use of this product.

So rating is:    3 out of  star

I hope this helps when it comes time to pick a BB cream, I think what lost the most points was the no sunscreen, however you can always apply before you put this product on anyway!

You can also buy this from your local supermarket, chemist or Target/Kmart outlets…if you can’t get to the store I have pasted the link for your convenience ->Maybelline New York Dream Fresh BB Cream, Light/Medium, 1 Fluid Ounce


Review on light summer moisturiser

OK, so I have been using this little ‘Simple’ Brand moisturizer for a while now. I guess I took it for granted. Today is the day it takes some glory! The name suits the feel of this moisturizer simple and the branding states hydrating and light!! SO TRUE, no false advertisement here!


Simple States at least 12 hr protection with 2 vital vitamins, 2 skin loving nutrients and a BIG FAT ZERO for perfume and colour which often products added with a lot of artificial preservatives!!! I’m sorry I can’t recall the retail value but I would say under $10.00 so inexpensive and I have been on this bottle for at least 6 months half way used regularly!

RATED: Image/Image

Buy from: Local Chemist or try supermarket… or I have a link for your convenience here if your an onliner shopper like me-> Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser 125 ml