Learning Lesson 8: Accepting the Answer ‘No’

Story time –

So I contacted a person that I ‘thought’ may be interested in collaborating with an idea I was struggling to get off the ground. The way I worded was a long those lines.

I was excited refreshing the page eager to see her response expecting and imaging only positive eager excitement in return. However what I visualised and what actually happened was opposite to that.

She first told me that what I had described sounded nothing like a collaboration and decided it was in my best interested to understand the definition of collaboration.

I was slightly pfft and offended and wrote back asking her how she would know that considering she had not even heard what the idea was. She simply did not even give me a chance.

I was turned off completely by that brief attempted to putting myself out there that I promised never contact anyone again and I was going to turn these ideas into tangle goals I would have to do it on my own full stop.

Then I had time to reflect:

  • Perhaps it’s the way I worded the offer,
  • Perhaps I should be more realistic about how many people are willing and opened to opportunities
  • Perhaps I need to learn how to hassle and realise that I might get 100 No’s before I get that 1 yes!

I mean that person had every right to say No but I had so much belief and faith riding on the possibilities that my rejection was too much. I guess the learning lesson for this is don’t give up! Expect to be turned away to hear the No’s but don’t let it define you or discourage you.

I’m sure many of those success stories did not give up on the No’s they heard and look at where they are…Press on….

If you are having issues with dealing with negative feedback read our post on that topic.



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