Learning Lesson 6: Taking the time

Where has the time gone? We are currently in the 11th month of 2015 can I just take a second and say “Where has this year gone?”

Time is such a valuable gift a commodity that we should relish. I wrote a blog related to appreciation and appreciating things in your life. This is another one of those things.
Time heals broken hearts, bones and mindsets.
With the hustle and bustle of distractions we have taking over our lives. Time is being stolen and I want to reclaim every millisecond I have left in world.
It’s starts today for me for the first time in awhile I’ve sat down and appreciated a nice cold beverage with silence and a ticking clock.
It was a brief quite meditation which I relished  in silence. It allowed me to reflect without distraction noise and gained back something.
I can’t explain but I felt like I had for a brief moment absolute clarity. It made me smile and the taste of that cold drink was more alive then I remembered. I had missed the simplicity of a cold drink because of the rush of time.
I gained so much for something so simple and to think it was free… I did not pay a single cent for that blissful moment (besides the beverage of course) the best things in life are free as they say…
My challenge for you is to give yourself the gift of time or a moment with your thoughts appreciating a nice bit of food or warm cuppa… Let me know if you felt the freedom or clarity that I mentioned?

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