Learning Lesson 4: Finding my Why Part 1 – the start

The word finding implies that you are looking for something. Not just your set of car keys but something that is significantly more important to ones growth.

I’m 30 a mother, had a career, a house/car, a man i love so you would think that I should feel content right? Nope.

Don’t get my wrong love my man and my child but I feel like I missed or missing something. I don’t believe I have fulfilled my potential by any means. I did what most of my friends did back in 2003 and went to Uni got a degree and went into the brain dead 9-5 slog. Like another robot off the factory compress and as time went past I looked around me and thought is this life? seriously? is this what it is all cracked up to be???

A sudden alarm clock went off in my head and I realised I needed to take the control of my story and work out what my ‘why’ is.

What is my purpose in this world? I have been reflecting back into my childhood and what I do realise is this:

  • I want to help people
  • I want it to be rewarding and NOT the money kind
  • I want it to change and have impact
  • I want to learn and give my experience to others

I want to help others break free of the factory programmed life of ‘traditional’ work and be who THEY WANT to be. I want to change what the ‘norm’ is and challenge the majority into thinking outside of the box.

How I do all this is still a work in progress (thats why  its part 1!) BUT I know by my gut tells me it feels right.

Whats your why?


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