Learning lesson 1: Appreciation is key

At the beginning of 2013 me, myself & I wrote  about what I wanted for this new year ahead. The intention was the set my mind a task of ONLY focusing on the positives – attracting only what I wanted not the opposite.
Now nearly 6 months later deliberately focusing on these aspects has given me a New perspective.

I feel like my stream of positive attraction is on track and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have those negative crappy days.
Its a constant reminder to keep focusing on the positives my goals aspirations and dreams.
If I do have those average days I have found that appreciating what I have soon snaps me back into alignment.

Appreciation is the key here..I appreciate:

  • my daughter,
  • my man,
  • my family and friends,
  • the fact I can walk,
  • talk,
  • my health,
  • to be ALIVE,
  • A nice home and my dog.

The list could go on and on soon I refocus I stop feeling sorry for myself and the pitty disappears. I feel utter love, happiness and peace. Its almost like a small meditation or mantra.

I breathe out the bad and breathe in the good thoughts..
The message I am trying to convey here is – if you are on a positive journey similar to what I have mentioned please remember it is OK to have ‘those days’ but to refocus remember a technique I have learned only by practice is appreciation.

What do you appreciate? Enjoy!


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