Tempting my internet relationship fate

Today I decided to start to pursue different streams of money opportunities I am sick of just skimming the service of building an income online.

Admittedly my commitment has been poor and I have the desire but my fear of failing or screwing up has stopped me from progressing.

I was scared to be internet rejected just like a first date with someone you have liked for years and years and you go on that first date, second, third and then he stops returning your calls, texts or emails and you wonder if it was something you said or had done or didn’t do enough of… awkward!

I just need to stop thinking so much and keep chipping away. Respect the process and understand that something will happen soon just don’t give up.

So I am tempting my internet relationship fate and placing my bets on all areas to see how I can push my presence from none to any number larger then 0.

Today I signed up for a program to give it a crack I have tired this once before but I never committed and followed the process as instructed then just gave up.

If you are interested in what I am I am doing take a look at this:


I’m not going to talk you into anything I’m not going to be that desperate into convincing you to join me on this tempting internet fate that is up to you.

All I can say it is legit I have just started and watch this space 🙂

Thank you kind bloggers


DIY Simple Easy Wedding Earrings

Hey! I have put up a new YouTube clip on how to DIY Simple Easy Wedding Earrings:

If you are a word type of person the instructions are below:

Materials You Need:

  • Example 1 – 1 pair of pearl buttons (old style)
  • Example 2 – 1 pair of round pearl beads
  • Strong glue I used E6000
  • Clipping Tool
  • Earring backs
  • Clasp (as I was injured with broken arm when making this 😦 )

Steps using Example 1 Button

  1. Clip back of button to make it flat
  2. Put E6000 and get you pin back to stick on, allow to dry over night
  3. Repeat – That simple.

Steps using Example 2 Button

  1. Place bead in clasp to hold
  2. Put E6000 and get you pin back to stick on, allow to dry over night
  3. Repeat – That simple.

What Could you use these for?

  • Bridesmaid gifts to wear
  • My earrings to wear
  • Mother In Law gift
  • Mother of Bride gift

I will be doing a post on what I am giving my bridal party very soon.


New Wedding Series – My Journey

Usually I am always reflecting and improving myself and my surrounding environment so that’s why there is so many ‘deep’ type of posts. So I thought it was time to be more light hearted and celebrate a milestone in my life with you all. My partner and I are engaged! Due to be married next […]

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Learning Lesson 8: Accepting the Answer ‘No’

Story time – So I contacted a person that I ‘thought’ may be interested in collaborating with an idea I was struggling to get off the ground. The way I worded was a long those lines. I was excited refreshing the page eager to see her response expecting and imaging only positive eager excitement in […]

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Learning Lesson 7: Letting Go Negative Friendships…

I have posted a new youtube clip about how to deal with life’s struggles a few techniques I use is Appreciation & De-cluttering your environment & mind. I use these techniques in order to refocus and realign my negative thoughts back to positive attractions. Over the last few days (correction weeks!) I have faced many […]

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Learning Lesson 6: Taking the time

Where has the time gone? We are currently in the 11th month of 2015 can I just take a second and say “Where has this year gone?” Time is such a valuable gift a commodity that we should relish. I wrote a blog related to appreciation and appreciating things in your life. This is another […]

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Learning Lesson 5: Is hitting the pause button OK on Life?

The best part of watching a movie pre recorded on foxtel is you can hit that pause button with a swift touch of one button. Why can’t life be like this sometimes? I wake and have bursts of energy and they always seem to be in the most inconvenient times why is that??? Like when […]

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Learning Lesson 4: Finding my Why Part 1 – the start

The word finding implies that you are looking for something. Not just your set of car keys but something that is significantly more important to ones growth. I’m 30 a mother, had a career, a house/car, a man i love so you would think that I should feel content right? Nope. Don’t get my wrong […]

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Learning Lesson 3: How can you become happy?

What might make you happy may be different to me, maybe be different to her or him or that random person walking past… My opinion on happiness is its objective because its in the eyes of the beholder. This is what makes each person unique and important to be part of this thing called life. […]

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To Hell With This

Whatever is holding you back whether it be a negative person in your life or a person who doesn’t understand you or even your own mind… I want you to stand with me and to say – to hell with you person, thought or thing I am going to push passed this and progress MASSIVE […]

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